No doubt that you have read that the Federal Government is lax in its responsibility to enforce laws that empower those with disabilities. And I am sure you have run into block walls when seeking help for your child’s education. The schools will only do what they see as pertinent to your child’s education regardless of what you think is important. Unless you do it in writing and you have a doctor to back up your demands. Yes, self advocacy is key in the academic future of the ADHD, dyslexic, and autistic scholar. To make sure your children get what they need for their educational success you the parent must be proactive and either be an advocate for your child or find an advocate for your child. Clearly in today’ society with all the academic institutions in fear of being sued they would rather keep you in the dark instead of helping you find the help your child needs. They say they will help, say they will look into it but they will never produce any results. Read as much as you can on the subject of Advocacy and follow this website Wrightslaw, and arm yourself with knowledge because knowledge is power.

For instance, did you know that your child has the right to extended testing times? Did you know that your child can have someone read to him in order to take a test? Did you know that a doctor demand a tablet for your child’s use in school. Tablets help children who have reading difficulties because of ADHD, Autism, and Dyslexia to learn to read. Because of the programs available on the tablets that highlight words as they’re being read to the child, and allows the child to type his or her answers and then hand them in printed. All these things are advocacy tools for your child. But you won’t get them if you just ask you have to arm yourself with the means to get what your child needs. A reader by Intel, a iPad by Apple, a tablet by Android whatever the tool if you need it to help or think it will assist your child’s learning you have to get a Doctor to request it in writing then you yourself have to request it in writing in conjunction with the doctor’s letter. That is why I say learn all that you can about advocacy. Several reading materials that you might consider reading would be: Bright Not Broken by Diane M. Kennedy and Rebecca S Banks. Two mothers who found that advocacy was key as well. Also Driven from Distraction by Dr. Edward M. Hallowell, MD., and John J. Ratey, M.D., can also help you find information to help your child reach their goals. If you live in the Western States there is limited assistance because of the lack of knowledge of these conditions here. It is catching up but there still isn’t the kind of information and help that can be found on the East Coast. So be an Advocate for your child you will not regret it.