The road of the ADD child is full of obstacles that they must learn to navigate.  Fortunately for todays ADDers it has a diagnosis and it can be managed in many different ways.  It’s definitely up to the parent to decide how to manage a child who had ADD, ADHD and even Autism
. Whatever way you choose to manage don’t do it without the help of professionals and advocates.  There is a lot of organizations out there that will help you help your child.  Many of them are for pay and some are nonprofits that will help you find the help your child needs.  Never take no for an answer and don’t just accept what a teacher says.  If your child is acting out, hard to handle or seems flighty at in opportune times you may have an ADDer.  These children are inexplicably incapable of keeping on track and paying attention to anything that isn’t what they are thinking about at that moment.  However, saying this there are many ways to help an ADDer to cope and excel with the highly intelligent mind that is ADD.  Don’t give up and Don’t give in.