Do you know someone who lives surrounded by piles or are you someone who has them? Do they often seem perpetually unable to organize anything? Or are you, yourself unable to get things organized? If you ask them if you can help them clean it up they say don’t touch that.  Pile people seem like a they are very unorganized, but under all that perpetual mountains of unusual paperwork and things they’re very organized. In fact, you just don’t know they are because you don’t see things the way they do.

In order to live with a pile person you have to know when they are done with their pile so it can be put away. Many adults who are themselves pile people end up getting personal assistants. These people organize the piles the that have been used and are no longer active piles. Of course not everyone can afford an assistant. However, there are services out there that one can utilize when necessary. For those who need help but cannot afford it on a full time basis. These services are provided by non-profit organizations like SARRC, Jo’s organizing, CHADD, VeloCity Coaching.  Researching these you will find a variety of different services that are for pay and some are for free.  If you are involved in a vocational program they also may have ways to help your organize after the pile is completed. With training you also can eventually learn to help de-pile the pile and create your own bliss after the chaos.  Don’t get yourself down or bring down the pile person because they have the piles for a reason.  You can teach them to de-pile too.  Here are some resources:,,  hope this helps with your quest for finding the end to your piles.